Parent and former client

My Daughter was anxious about career options and we thought it might be a good idea to explore her strengths and weaknesses and look at the options.

I started working with Tom as I went through a difficult period due to work and the stress connected to the recent pandemic. I have found immediate relief and support; I was always confident that my problems were approached in a compassionate and professional manner. Using a CBT approach, which was completely new to me, Tom focused on the right issues from the start and I was positively surprised to see how quickly and effectively I recovered from the misery I found myself in. I only wish I contacted Tom earlier.

I have completed the Workplace TalentAware Career Assessment with Tom.  I found the material practical, relevant and surprisingly accurate from both a professional and a personal perspective.  It has enabled me to place a renewed focus on what my priorities are, and provided me with a keener awareness of how my reactions are influenced by environmental and people factors, as well as strategies to apply in dealing with those factors in order to achieve a better outcome.  I found Tom to be open and insightful, and drew enormous benefit from the time I spent with him.

From a Dublin-based senior executive working in the financial sector

“Tom has given me advice and feedback on the CentACS Workplace Big Five trait report. He has a thorough understanding of the material and insight to apply the results to my situation and give meaningful mentoring and encouragement. The benefit to me is greatly appreciated as Tom is diligent and punctual. He is professional and discreet. Tom also covered the Bar-On EQi – Emotional Intelligence material for me in 2007, his insight and application of the material to me was highly valued.”

From a business executive in the techology sector

“Thank you Tom, for a very informative SchoolPlace TalentAware Career Assessmentwith our 11 year old son. We found the whole process invaluable in understanding how he thinks and interacts with others. Our reason for doing this at such a young age was to help us chose a secondary school that will suit our son best. We now know exactly what direction to take and will definitely find the report helpful in choosing subjects as he moves through school. We also received a follow-up exercise for our son to do when the time comes for him to start thinking of a career which will help him immensely.

As a side note our son really enjoyed the whole experience. He loved hearing and talking about his parents’ personalities too.”

From the mother and father of a 11 year old student

My daughter aged 16 is currently in transition year and had to choose her subjects for her Leaving Cert. We decided to get some careers advice to help with this and to get some idea of the careers that might suit her.

From the mother of a 16 year old transition year student

“I contacted Tom with a view to working with my son who is in third year in secondary school.

I had previous experience of working with Tom in the area of psychometric assessment of candidates for employment. This made it easier for me to understand how my son might be helped in terms of considering career choices.

The work involved three meetings during which Tom worked with my son but also my husband and I. Tom completed Personality and General Mental Ability tests with my son as part of a process of identifying likely career possibilities as well as understanding his likely level of attainment (as my son is still to complete the Junior Cert).
We found that this work gave us better clarity on my son’s ability. It was good to hear him speaking openly and confidently about how he feels he’s progressing. This early testing demonstrated skills which hadn’t yet been identified in national exams and gives us a good sense as to his likely level of performance.
I found that the Career Assessment provided a good, open platform for discussing school/job options which tend to be pushed aside on a daily basis. It gave us a good forum time to review his future. And it allowed us parents to focus on the positives (as well as identifying what needs to be worked on!)..
I would highly recommend the Career Assessment for assistance in choosing future career paths.”

Career Assessment, 15 year old boy