Organisational Change Management (OCM). It is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organisational units from the current state to a desired future state. Critically, it is the process of integrating the aspects of Technology, Process and People in order to achieve targeted business benefits from the change initiative. OCM is applicable to all types of change project – be it a systems change project, process change, regulatory change etc.

We offer (in association with William Bridges and Associates) the internationally-recognised Change Management training programme “Leading Organizational Transitions”. This programme is for leaders and professionals who want to equip their employees and clients with strategies for keeping the human side of change from being so disruptive to the organization. More details can be found on the following link

An integrated set of OCM deliverables

A Solid Project Management methodology

A focus on delivery of Business Benefits

The right type of people in the Change function

OCM deliverables are usefully divided into a number of streams such as Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, Transition Management, Documentation and Training and Benefits Realisation. But it is critical that these deliverables are integrated within the OCM Workstream but also integrated fully within the project plan for the overall project.

It is essential that OCM activities are guided by a rigorous PM methodology such as Prince 2 .

A key part (and metric) for success in OCM is ensuring that the project delivers on the stated business benefits identified in the project business case. The Change function needs to be actively involved with stakeholders to ensure that the business benefits are delivered – and bearing in mind that benefits can still be accruing quite a while after the project is formally completed, there is a need to be diligent long after the show is closed.

Certain personality types work well in Change – typically, they tend to be outgoing, resilient, conscientious, open to people and experience, and highly adaptable. It is critical that any OCM function on a project is staffed with personnel with some or all of these characteristics.