Am I still relevant?

Am I still relevant?

A story to start…I played football with a club way back when. I had the idea of starting a WhatsApp group in order to bring people back together again after a long break in seeing my fellow players. We had met as a group on a couple of occasions and then I decided to call another meeting. I turned up at the place and time I had appointed, not knowing if anybody else would show. But they did, and there was a wonderful feeling of community and togetherness among those who showed up.

I had a similar experience with another group that I convened of recent. There was an ambiguity about what we are gathering for, except that it was to come and talk together about what was relevant to us. Again, people cane together and we progressed as a group.

It has started me thinking about my own desire in the area of being with other people. And it got me thinking that I have experienced, and am still experiencing, certain losses in my life. At some level I am looking to replace what cannot be replaced, but doing the best that I can do in the circumstances.

But I think I’m also posing fundamental questions about my own existence. What might happen if people don’t show up the next time? I actually experience this every time a new client meeting approaches. Will the client show? Will clients respond to the advertising of my work? Might anybody respond to this blog I am writing?

Apart from the ties I have to friends and family, who invariably support me as I go along my way, I ask myself in what way am I relevant in this world? And how would I know that I am relevant. It’s an existential question that is occupying quite a bit of my thinking these days – without an answer at this point!