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The Dialogic Group has been in existence since 2002 (and was formerly known as The Dialectic Group). We meet on a regular basis to discuss matters of importance to us, believing that social change is possible from a constructive dialogue on issues generated by the members. We are organised simply to further and deepen the dialogue between the members.

The members are a diverse group of people drawn from commerce, the helping sector (psychotherapists etc), the health sector, academia etc. Membership is open to all who are willing to openly and freely discuss their truth in a safe and tolerant space. We use dedicated, professional facilitators to help contain the dialogue.

We also hold regular online meetings (via the Zoom Conferencing system). Our last meetings focussed on the theme of chronic anxiety in today’s society, and on developing a national framework to encourage employers to provide vocational rehabilitation after absence. The next DiaZoom event will take place in September 2019 on the subject of a mental healthcare case study involving a mix of Talk Therapy, Nutritional Therapy and Fitness Training .