Desire and Destiny – are they the same?

Desire and Destiny – are they the same?

When I started working with my own psychoanalyst, I tried to be as enigmatic and sophisticated as possible by saying “I have difficulty in articulating my desire”. It turns out that I wasn’t being sophisticated, I simply didn’t know what I was talking about.

Three years later, after many sessions on the analyst’s couch, I wonder what I can say about this psychoanalysis thing. I know for sure that there is no other route for me, this is what what I must do. There is no alternative as far as I am concerned.

I’m a little more aware of the nature of the unconscious process, perhaps best expressed in the following quote from Jacques Lacan, the eminent French psychoanalyst. He said  that “desire is nothing other than that which supports an unconscious theme, the very articulation of which roots us in a particular destiny, and that destiny demands insistently that the debt be paid. Desire keeps coming back, keeps returning, and situates us once again in a track, the track of something that is specifically our business.”

My question now is how and whether dedication and agency intertwine with desire and destiny – lofty and airy questions which lead to abtraction, and probably distraction…but miles better than losing myself in pints of Guinness!

I’m now in the process of building a psychoanalytic practice in Midleton, Co. Cork. It is another voyage into the unknown, in many ways the same as when I walked into my analyst’s room for the first time.