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I offer a structured process for determining the best fit between your personality and abilities and work roles – and, from there, to help you develop a path through education and career choices for the foreseeable future – it’s called the Career Guider+ Assessment – and is geared for both young and not-so-young adults! The feedback process associated with this work can be done in a face-to-face context or online (using the Zoom Conferencing system). This work is available ‘in-person’ or online via Zoom.

The ‘Career Guider+ Assessment’ is a unique programme involving a partnership between students (between the ages of 11-22) and their parents looking at the personality/general mental ability of the student with a view to optimising the fit of the student with job groups and careers.  My colleague Peter Hyde then assesses the third level further education possibilities which would best link with the likely career choice. A recent client of mine describes the experience his family had on the following link:

It is also suitable for those who are either in a job role or looking to make a change. It involves looking at some key aspects of your make-up and how that might relate to work choice. This assessment is geared to doing a full review of who you are and what it is that you might be uniquely suited to in terms of career and work choice. The Career Guider+ Assessment process makes use of the latest career management tools available today – including those from Paradigm Personality Labs ( , the Hogan Assessment series and Psytech International.

An introduction to the Five Factor model of Personality that underlies all of this this work can be found on the following link  You can find a series of testimonials on the following link:

Those who have gone through this process have found it to be thought-provoking in terms of the the range of career options that could be considered – so call Tom on 086 368 8824 (or and discuss with him this could work for you!

The Career Guider+ Assessment

  • The completion of a short on-line career questionnaire which takes 15-20 minutes (we recommend highly that the parent(s) also completes this questionnaire)
  • An optional test of General Mental Ability (where appropriate)
  • Three one-hour feedback sessions at our offices in Dublin City Centre (at 18 Dame Street Dublin 2), or in 2, Main Street, Midleton, Co. Cork.
  • Informative and insightful workbooks
  • A set of relevant personality and career/leadership reports (personalised and beautifully-bound) which will be useful in terms of career choice
  • Identified next-steps suggestions for career progress.

Tom Conlon Discusses Career Assessment