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Tom Conlon (MSc, MBA, BA, Dip. Group Work Practice) works as a clinical psychotherapist, and also as an organisational consultant and group facilitator. He has extensive experience in change management gained primarily in the financial, pharma/life-sciences and management consulting sectors. He also works as part of a network of healthcare professionals providing an integrated healthcare programme called Tri-Factor Health (https://www.trifactorhealth.ie/).

Tom’s core skills are in the area of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, group facilitation, coaching, change management, organisational development, career management and psychometric assessment.

Tom Conlon Discusses Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

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Tom holds an MSc Degree in (clinical) Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from University College Dublin. He is a PhD student in the School of Social Work and Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin focussing on the inequality of the social gradient in obesity.

Tom’s work in the field of psychoanalytic psychotherapy is conducted within the code of ethics of the Association of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland (A.P.P.I.).

He has a particular interest in the mental health of Young Adults; those living with Obesity and Binge Eating Disorder; Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experience; and the contemporary manifestation of ‘chronic’ anxiety. He offers appointments in Dublin City Centre, Midleton (Co. Cork) and Cork City, and also works online (via Zoom etc).

Tom Conlon discusses confronting anxiety



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